4 Things Most People Overlook when they Buy a Food Truck

When you buy a food truck, you are making the biggest investment for your business. In fact, next to the purchase of your home, it will likely be the biggest investment you make in your life. When you buy a home that was previously lived in you normally have an inspection done in which the foundation and overall condition of the home is reviewed. When you buy a food truck, you are always better off building new from the ground up to ensure your business is profitable, as “inspecting food trucks” is not something a typical mechanic can do.

This article is intended to help people buy a food truck from a trusted builder while making smart decisions centered around needs-based items and growth goals.


  1. Buy a Food Truck with a Platform that Makes Sense

When you buy a food truck, bigger is not always bigger, and going small just to save a little extra money can actually result in massive losses. When you buy a food truck you need to work with a food truck company that understands your business, your short-term and long-term goals, and design a platform that will accommodate you right out the gate without going too big, but that will have enough space for making future upgrades such as adding equipment, prep space, storage space and employees. A good food truck builder will integrate business goals and market research into the actual build of the food truck platform. 


  1. Invest in Reliable Food Truck Equipment

Often, new food truck businesses are tempted to buy second-hand food truck equipment like friers, griddles and freezers. But food truck equipment is the heart of your business; these devices exist as your ability to serve the food that generates your revenue, and when something is out of commission, you feel the pain in your pocketbook. Make sure you focus on getting new food truck equipment that serves your purposes well, and often this means working with a food truck company that can help you select affordable options designed to help make your food truck business successful. 


  1. Buy a Food Truck from a Builder with a Deep Portfolio

The best food truck builders branch out and serve a number of industries and multiple-sized food truck businesses. When you buy a food truck look for a company with a portfolio that branches out. You should partner with a food truck company that has created solutions for small family businesses and entrepreneurs, all the way up to large corporations and restaurant chains. A diverse portfolio demonstrates their ability to meet any challenge, provide a solution for any problem, and meet the needs of anyone. 


  1. Buy a New Food Truck, or Used?

Never overlook this question when you buy a food truck. Just as used food truck equipment can cause a business to go out of commission, so too can a used food truck. But at a much more epic scale. First of all, a used food truck offers you a platform that was designed for another business owner and their goals; not yours. In addition, you don’t know what kind of mechanical problems the food truck has had, or how it was treated. A new food truck offers a fresh start, designed around your business needs.