Meals you can order at a restaurant after a procedure

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and performing a medical procedure usually limits the amount of food we can eat or what meals we can eat for a certain period of time or for the rest of our days.

Although one knows what diets should be followed in the short and medium term after a certain procedure, many times it happens to us that we are invited to eat in a restaurant and we are forced to decline  due to a certain procedure and we do not know what we can eat in a restaurant.

However, a medical procedure does not have to be an impediment for eating in a restaurant, the secret is to review the alternatives. For this reason, we will tell you what meals you can order after a simple procedure and a complex one.

Meals after a simple procedure

Simple medical procedures are those that do not require much time to perform and that do not compromise so much the integrity of the patient who undergoes them. Most dental procedures fall into this category, as contraindications of these are more associated with the mouth than any other part of the body.

If you recently went to a Tijuana dentist, this professional may recommend eating soft foods, especially if you underwent a process such as a root canal, therefore, if you go to a restaurant, it is recommended that you order soup or meals that are not difficult to chew, like gelatin or puree.


Meals after a complex procedure

Complex procedures are those that require a lot of time and concentration to perform, and are usually performed by the GPS of the offices and hospitals where they are practiced. A complex procedure is usually given in large cities and high-level medical centres, as it is difficult to address potential complications in a secluded place or that do not have the necessary resources.

Tijuana, located in Baja California, Mexico, stands out greatly in the realization of complex procedures, since there have been established multiple professional surgeons with experience and big university studies such as doctorates. Consequently, it is one of the cities where procedures are requested the most, one of the most requested is the mommy makeover, which uses multiple aesthetic operations aimed at restoring the appearance of a woman’s body after pregnancy. It can be done after six months of delivery.

Mommy makeover in Tijuana, requires  a special diet during recovery, especially if an abdominoplasty is performed, because if heavy foods are consumed, the excessive movement that abdominal muscles carry out can cause damage to the sutures.

As a result, if you have had this procedure, it is recommended that you order soft meals during recovery in a restaurant and always be attentive to your doctor’s instructions and recommendations, thus preventing you from having trouble recovering and being able to eat normally in less time.