The Problem Of Anti-nutrient Food Consumption

Although we often think that we take a lot of nutrients and that our diet is based on obtaining vitamins and minerals that are in line with the care of our body, the reality is that, without knowing it, we may be consuming substances that do not allow proper absorption. Therefore, regardless of the consumption of nutrients, there will be no positive effects; this action is known as anti-nutrients, which are essential to identify and restrict when consuming certain foods.

How do anti-nutrients work in the body?

They are characterized by acting in two ways. Firstly, they bind with the nutrients, which causes complexes to form that the body is unable to absorb, causing them to be eliminated by the feces. The second is to make the enzymes digest the nutrients work at a much lower level, which means that they do not get the full benefit of all the nutrients. As you can see, it doesn’t matter if the person is consuming a lot of nutrients; if the anti-nutrients are present, the body will discard them. This, in the long run, can lead to a significant loss of minerals and vitamins, so if an individual is in a deficiency stage, the problem can become worse.

Foods that affect iron absorption

Iron is essential for various body structures, mainly because it is required for the blood to transport oxygen molecules to the tissues. This process is necessary for the body, so the low presence of iron can generate anemia, which, in case of a recovery from a surgery such as mommy makeover in Tijuana. This important element can be found in foods such as meat, bluefish, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and some fruits.

The foods that prevent their proper absorption are:


While it is true that pure chocolate, i.e., cocoa, can bring multiple benefits to the body, the truth is that it can also contribute to poor nutrient absorption. This is because the tannins contained in this product, or many others, bind directly to iron, forming compounds that are not soluble and absorbed by the intestine.

To avoid this effect, it is essential that if you are going to consume foods containing tannins, do not mix them with those rich in iron. In this way, the properties of iron can be fully exploited.

Whole grains and nuts

These are other foods that can affect not only the function of iron but also other minerals such as calcium and zinc. This is a big problem for those people who have decalcification problems that have been caused by the use of dental implants Tijuana. To avoid this, it is recommended that cereals and vegetables are soaked and cooked correctly. As for the nuts, they can be put in water before consumption; it is recommended that this process lasts six hours.

Strawberries and spinach

Focusing a little on calcium, the consumption of these foods can cause a difficulty in the absorption of this mineral, so if there will be consumption of these two foods, it is advised that they are not combined with products rich in oxalic acid. In this way, there will be a correct absorption, and all the benefits of calcium will be maximized.

When consuming nutrients, it is crucial to know how to combine them, since, if not done correctly, there will be no benefits.