Why a French Restaurant is the Best Dinner in Austin for Date Night

The best dinner in Austin can be objective, but when it comes to choosing the best dinner in Austin for a romantic date night, French restaurants can’t be topped.

Austin, TX is a city that offers a number of date night opportunities, and with that comes a plethora of restaurant choices. Your first question should be this: why should I visit a local French restaurant for the best dinner in Austin for my date night? This article will go over the many reasons why, and how to find an amazing French restaurant for the best dinner in Austin you and your date can enjoy.

The Best Dinner in Austin for Date Night goes Against the Expected

A great first date is one where you find yourself pleasantly surprised with the person accompanying you. So why seek such an experience by taking your date to a restaurant with typical Austin cuisine. The city of Austin may be known for its exceptional barbeque and tacos, but French restaurants bring the unexpected with sophistication and style. The best dinner in Austin for your date can be a top local French restaurant that offers an authentic menu. Make sure that the entrees, appetizers and desserts are true to French cuisine, and that authentic ingredients are used as opposed to an Americanized version of the real thing. With a French restaurant you and your date are sure to have the best dinner Austin can offer for your date night, as the experience will bring a new dining experience that goes beyond the norm you are both used to when eating out.

Pairing Wine with the Best Dinner in Austin

You can’t truly have the best dinner in Austin on a date night without wine, and no other cuisine pair so nicely with wine than French food. That said, find French restaurants Austin offers with an exceptional menu and wine list. Also, ask the hostess how skilled the servers are at pairing the right wine with the right entrees. The best dinner in Austin will have a robust wine list with a range of reds, whites, sparkling wines (champagne included), and rosé wines. Furthermore, these wines should come from multiple regions in France and offer diners everything from familiar merlot favorites to a rare chardonnay-pinot blend for special occasions.

Desserts and Coffee to End the Best Dinner in Austin

The best dinner in Austin starts well with amazing appetizers and playful wine options, and ends well with an authentic French dessert and espresso or coffee beverage. That said, look for French restaurants Austin offers that have a great dessert menu. This menu should include easy-to-recognize classics like creme brulee and chevre blancmange, to smaller treats like macaroons and a number of sorbets and ice creams.

When looking for the best dinner in Austin to celebrate a date night, seek a French restaurant that meets this criteria and you will be well on your way to creating special memories.